About Starling

about-picIn the mid-1990s, the fast-growing family business GOJO, inventor of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer, undertook a “transformation” process to become customer-focused, team-based, process-oriented and results-driven. To achieve this, the GOJO team had to learn to work together in new ways, drawing upon leading edge management theories and redesigning its practices and tools. As a result, GOJO has created a professionally-managed entrepreneurial culture, which is one of the keys to its ongoing success.

Years later, Starling CEO Mamie Kanfer Stewart and co-founder Marcella Kanfer Rolnick, daughters of GOJO CEO Joe Kanfer, came to an exciting realization: After years of learning and refinement, GOJO had cultivated innovative ways of working that could likewise benefit other organizations—and practices were worth sharing with the world. In 2013, the Kanfer family decided to deliver these effective practices through technology and human-centered design with the passionate intent to help growing organizations achieve their visions. Starling was born.

Today, Mamie, Marcella, and their team are developing Starling, the first product in a suite of management solutions. They actively learn from their customers and attend to their adoption process in order to deliver the best product experience.

The Starling Method

All Starling products are built upon years of real-life experience at the fast-growing family business GOJO, inventor of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer. Underlying each practice, process and tool is a framework based upon the best of management theories*. We call this framework the Starling Method. So whether you’re using Starling to run a single meeting or to write your company strategy, you’ll be following a proven process of:

  • Framing: Structured thinking establishes clarity and alignment.
  • Doing: Collaborative efforts lead to learning and results.
  • Connecting: Continuous adaptation moves toward a smarter future state.




Mamie Kanfer Stewart

Founder & CEO

Marcella Kanfer Rolnick


Phil Agee

System Architect & Lead Developer

Tai Tsao

Change Management Specialist

Hoa Newton


Dan Toyama

Product Manager

Dawn Mixon

Marketing Manager

Ezequiel Rivero

Front End Developer

Jason Goldstein

UX Designer