Meeting Culture Assessment

Our Meeting Culture Assessment will help your team, department or organization get a clear picture of how meetings are impacting your culture and productivity. We’ll assign you an Customer Success Manager who will use this information to identify the greatest opportunities for improving your meeting culture as well as specific strategies for making change.


Success Planning

A dedicated Customer Success Manager will work with you to clarify your implementation goals and create an adoption strategy to achieve them. We’ll develop a customized Meeteor implementation plan and design a communication and stakeholder engagement strategy to introduce change and manage resistance.


Onboarding and Adoption

Our implementation and adoption programs are designed to successfully onboard your team, department or entire organizations to Meeteor. From working with your IT department to ensure a smooth technical transition to in-person trainings that orient your team members to the Meeteor platform, from private webinars that build your employee’s meeting management skills to individual coaching for internal change leaders, we’ll work with you to integrate Meeteor into your culture and transform your ways of working.


Ongoing Premium Support

Our Premium Support program matches you with a Customer Success Manager who will serve as your go-to contact for all things meetings. In addition, you’ll receive faster support response times and gain access to the premium online support portal with specialty content that promotes deep behavior change and cultural transformation.  



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