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Meeteor Challenge

What is #MeeteorChallenge?

#MeeteorChallenge is a 5-day program to help you and your team spend less time in unproductive meetings.

At Meeteor, we create content to inspire action. Specifically, we aim to help you and your team use effective meeting and workplace practices to build stronger, healthier cultures and achieve results. Many of our customers have told us that they desire to spend less time in unproductive meetings but it’s hard to implement the practices to make that happen.

What does the challenge entail?

If you join this challenge, you’ll receive daily emails from May 8-12 (5 days) that each contain tips and a short activity to help boost your meeting effectiveness skills. During this time, the Customer Success team at Meeteor will be your virtual accountability partner. You can reply to any email directly and we'll answer your questions and provide additional support if needed. After the May 12, you'll have a chance to opt in for a bonus round. (Just a friendly reminder that you can opt out at any time, we'll never spam you and we only provide high quality content.)

When and where is #MeeteorChallenge?

The challenge begins on Monday May 8 and runs for 5 days, ending Friday May 12, 2017. All activities for the challenge will be delivered to your inbox. After the challenge ends, you'll be invited to participate in a bonus round that will last an additional 2 weeks.

Sounds awesome! How much does it cost?

It’s 100% free. We want to help you succeed and make changes at your work to improve your meetings. Your success is our success.

I want to invite my friends and colleagues to join this challenge with me. How can I do that?

That’s wonderful! You know it’s always more powerful to do a challenge with a team! Just share this page on social media or forward it to your friends or colleagues, and ask them to register here

Can I really do this?

We know that change isn’t easy, and that’s why we’re here for you. We designed this program based on behavioral science and we promise it takes less than 10 minutes each day. 

Of course you can’t expect to go through a transformational change in such a short period of time, but we believe incremental progress is very powerful, too. This Meeteor Challenge is a starting point and we guarantee you'll see a difference in your meetings.

How do I sign up for the #MeeteorChallenge?

Fill out the short form below, or click here.

What if I still have other questions?

Contact us at Include “Meeteor Challenge” in your subject line.