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How to Lead Meetings Without Losing Your Mind

Free Live Webinar with Silver Lining SLAPschool

As a team leader, you may be playing multiple roles in meetings - facilitating, taking notes and keeping the conversation on track. Each task in itself requires a certain level of concentration, and taking on more than one can be challenging (if not exhausting).

In this webinar, Meeteor Founder and CEO, Mamie Kanfer Stewart, will share strategies to navigate the complexity of running a successful meeting.

By the end of this webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply strategies to juggle various meeting roles.

  • Describe different facilitation techniques to keep the conversation on track.

  • Use the “Wrap-Up” practice at the end of a meeting to establish alignment.

  • Distinguish 4 types of meeting notes and use them to crystalize meeting outcomes.


Meeteor is excited to collaborate with Silver Lining, a company devoted to helping small business owners achieve growth and sustainability, on this 3-week SLAPschool Special Webinar Series from May 30 to June 13. Click here to see other webinars.