What does being a beta team entail?

We’re so glad you asked! As a beta team, you’ll get early access to Starling so you can start working in smarter ways right now. You will participate in surveys and other feedback sessions, enabling us to provide the best value and experience. Get in touch with us to learn more about the benefits of being a beta team.

How is Starling different from other meeting management tools?

Starling incorporates best practices with human-centered design. Here are just a few specifics that make our software different:

  • Meetings and their notes belong to a Channel, a grouping to keep relevant information together. A Channel can be any type of work—a project, team, workstream, etc.
  • The Starling Method underlies all our practices, processes and tools. Everything is based on best practice and refined by real-life experience.
  • Decisions, Learnings and Tasks from meetings are easily accessible to everyone—no more searching through email, digging through documents or straight up memory loss.
  • Add Tasks, Decisions, and Learnings any time so that important conversation outcomes that happen on the fly or via email are accessible to everyone.

When will Starling be available for online sign up?

We intend to launch in Fall 2015. Get in touch and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know. Don’t want to wait? Inquire about being a beta team today!