My Work

View your upcoming meetings and tasks in My Work.

private workspace.jpg

Private Workspaces

Create Private Workspaces to manage who has access to your meeting information.


Print Agenda & Notes

Print or download your meeting agenda and meeting notes.


Meeting Guests

Invite unlimited meeting guests who receive the meeting agenda and summary by email.


Manage Tasks

Create and manage tasks for your team and yourself.

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Track Decisions

Access prior decisions from any meetings within a workspace on one page.

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Learnings Bank

Reference Learnings across meetings in a workspace.

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Copy Meeting Agenda

Copy a prior meeting agenda to streamline the planning process.

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Actionable Meeting Notes

Assign tasks as you take meeting notes.

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Calendar Invite

Send calendar invite that includes agenda content.

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Send Summary

Send meeting summary by email with one click.


Integrate Easily

Integrate with tools you already use.