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Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings is not only a comprehensive, action-oriented guide for running worthwhile meetings, it's also a culture transformation tool for leaders and change-makers. Regardless of your organization, team or role, you have the power to create meetings that build momentum.

When more people walk out of a meeting feeling their time was well spent and clear about next steps, everyone benefits!

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  • One of my favorite company @meeteorHQ is on a mission to transform the way we run meetings. Check out their new book #Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings. Download a free chapter and get your copy here:

  • Everyone deserves better meetings. I am reading #Momentum' by @taitsao and @mamieks. Join me on a journey to make meetings better! Get a free chapter or buy a copy here:

  • Bad meetings waste time. They often feel like a distraction from real work and are typically the result of poor planning, poor execution, or both. Thankfully, Tai Tsao and Mamie Kanfer Stewart have dedicated their careers to improving meetings and have written this book to enable you to implement practices that will make meetings propel your work forward. Get your copy here:

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Give the gift of less stress and a healthier workplace by sharing a copy of Momentum this holiday season. Start a book club in your office and make better meetings a team goal for 2018.  Take advantage of special pricing for bulk orders.

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If you're looking for speakers for your company retreat, a conference you're running, or a podcast you host, book us to share how to run effective, engaging and enjoyable meetings.  Mamie Kanfer Stewart, Founder & CEO of Meeteor has been a keynote speaker at various conferences and her work has been featured on Forbes,, The Productivityist Podcast and many other publications and podcasts.

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