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Teamwork is more crucial than ever.

How are you investing in your team?

Teams are not the future of work. They’re how work gets done every day. When you invest in your people, you’re developing their individual skills and competencies–which is great! But are you bringing the same attention to developing your team’s capabilities?

Team competencies are expressed in how the team works together–to deal with conflict, address uncertainty, and make decisions, to name just a few. The greater the team’s competencies, the more it can accomplish and the more fulfilling the collaboration experience.   



Our mission is to help you accomplish your mission.

We believe in the power of mission driven teams. Passion is your fuel, but it can only take you so far. Your people need training, support and tools to make stellar impact. Through our Thriving Teams program, Meeteor technology, and other services, we’ll help your team develop the collaboration skills to perform at top notch while creating a strong, healthy culture.



Our web and mobile apps facilitate the use of meeting and collaboration best practices, making it easier to sustain smart ways of working. → learn more

Thriving Teams Program

Through our Thriving Teams program, we work closely with your entire team to develop the skills and capabilities to collaborate effectively and achieve out of this world results.


Our services and resources help develop your understanding of and capabilities for collaboration, effective meetings, and more.


Transform your team experience,
starting with your meetings.

Unlike many other team collaboration programs and apps, Meeteor emphasizes the importance of productive meetings. Why meetings?

Meetings are a crucial aspect of any team collaboration. Meetings are where decisions are made, ideas and insights generated, relationships built and power expressed. They’re also where hours upon hours are wasted. When your team optimizes their meetings, you unleash the potential for more joyful and effective collaboration.


We even wrote the book on effective meetings!

Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging, and Enjoyable Meetings


Bad meetings waste time. They often feel like a distraction from real work and are typically the result of poor planning, poor execution, or both. In Momentum, we provide a blueprint for success, including actionable tips you can immediately implement with your team. You’ll discover:

  • How poor meeting practices are sabotaging your success
  • Alternatives to holding a meeting

  • How to design and prepare for a productive meeting

  • How to keep the conversation on track

  • How to take effective notes and manage follow-up actions

  • How to implement meeting best practices with your team

  • And more

What people are saying about Meeteor.

We have been very pleased with how Meeteor organizes our meetings, keeps us on track and makes taking meeting notes a breeze.
— Cindy W., Office Manager at Sivak Stonemasonry
After applying the practices I learned at a Meeteor workshop on meeting agenda preparation, my boss thanked me for ‘managing up’!
— Elsa, Director of Capital Projects at Grand Street Settlement
The meeting agenda template was an excellent frame to organize my thoughts and share information with meeting participants in advance. At the meeting, I was much more prepared and it KEPT ME FOCUSED which is a huge personal and professional challenge.
— Cindy G., Faculty at The George Washington University School of Business