Meeteor exists to empower people individually and collectively to work smarter and happier.

To make this happen, we employ these values.



We treat each person with warmth and respect, honoring the unique individual they are. We value diversity of experiences, beliefs, and backgrounds. We engage in constructive debate, believing that we are stronger because of our differences. We communicate with transparency and trust in each other’s Capabilities.



We are active, continual learners. We pose questions, experiment, seek information and learn from our customers, competitors and colleagues. We use what we learn to help improve ourselves and the business. We connect dots to unearth insights and make meaning together.




We look beyond the obvious to find creative, fresh solutions. We see limitations as opportunities for imagination and invention. We strive toward vision even when it seems out of reach.



We work independently and collaboratively to effectively achieve our goals. As a community, we seek engagement and inclusion that brings out the best of each person. We thrive on integrating different perspectives into something greater than the sum of its parts.



We leverage thoughtful practices, processes and tools to work effectively and efficiently. We applaud practical, thoughtful approaches grounded in learning, data and evidence. We rely on each person to be the expert in their areas while simultaneously appreciating fresh and novice perspectives.



We seek to delight our customers and colleagues. We recognize that small details matter. We enjoy humor and have fun while moving our work forward.



We bring passion, drive, and a sense of optimism to our work. We find meaning and purpose in what we do. We work hard and hold each other accountable, but seek balance in order to sustain ourselves.