Meeteor apps make it easy. 

The Meeteor web and mobile apps support productive meetings and effective collaboration so you can spend less time in unproductive meetings and more time getting work done.


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Meeteor is more than software.

We provide the training and coaching you need in order to change your meeting culture. Whether you're a small team or a large organization, we can help you leverage meetings to increase accountability, transparency and engagement. 



Our web and mobile apps facilitate the use of meeting best practices, making it easier to maintain smart ways of working.


Our programs address the psychological and practical aspects of technology adoption, behavior and culture change.


Our many services help develop your understanding of and capabilities for meeting best practices.

What people are saying about Meeteor.

I love Meeteor. It’s the best productivity app I’ve ever worked with across all the jobs I’ve ever done. It’s very simple and user-friendly. It helps our business stay organized and keeps people accountable.
— Cindy W., Office Manager at Sivak Stonemasonry
After applying the practices I learned at a Meeteor workshop on meeting agenda preparation, my boss thanked me for ‘managing up’!
— Elsa, Director of Capital Projects at Grand Street Settlement
The meeting agenda template was an excellent frame to organize my thoughts and share information with meeting participants in advance. At the meeting, I was much more prepared and it KEPT ME FOCUSED which is a huge personal and professional challenge.
— Cindy G., Faculty at The George Washington University School of Business

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