Lean Startup Webcast
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Lean Startup Webcast

How Farmgirl Flowers & Meeteor Launched Their Lean Startups

Mamie Kanfer Stewart is doing the brave work of killing off unproductive meetings through her company Meeteor, which helps organizations use meetings to drive productivity and collaboration rather than being massive time and soul-sucks. Farmgirl Flowers’ Christina Stembel launched a startup aimed at personalizing the cookie-cutter flower delivery industry. 

The two founders will talk with Lean Startup expert Aubrey Smith about the companies they’re building and the Lean Startup methods that helped them get their businesses off the ground.

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Note-taking Best Practices
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Note-taking Best Practices

Free live webinar
We'll share everything you need to know to become a note-taking master.You’ll learn:

  • The four types of meeting notes and why you should capture them.
  • How to leverage your role as note-taker to drive the conversation to results.
  • How to immediately implement effective note-taking practices with your team.
Nonprofit OpCon
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Nonprofit OpCon

  • New York, NY

Interactive Workshop: Meetings with Impact
Most people say they spend too much time in meetings. But meetings are a necessary part of how work gets done. Whether its managing an internal project or working with volunteers and board members, meetings overall are in need of an upgrade. This session will focus on best practices for planning productive meetings and capturing effective notes so all your meetings are meetings with impact.