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Learn strategies and practices to help you use your time in meetings productively, build healthy relationships with your colleagues, and move work forward. No matter where you sit in an organization, no matter what types of meeting you’re leading, you can make an impact by creating effective, engaging and enjoyable conversations that achieve results.


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Mastering the Meeting Cycle - Before, During and After

Learn the critical activities to do before, during and after a meeting in order to optimize meetings as part of your collaborative practice.

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Establish Your Meeting Norms

Learn how to create and uphold meeting norms that align with your team values and drive inclusion, engagement and productivity.

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What Types of Meetings Do You Need

Learn how to create your team’s ‘meeting portfolio’ to streamline how your team uses meetings to get work done.

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Creating Prework that Works

Learn various forms of prework and how to use them to help participants prepare for a productive meeting.

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From Meeting Planning to Meeting Design

Learn the components of an effective agenda and how to craft an agenda in line with your meeting desired outcomes.

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Overcome Challenging Behaviors in Meetings

Learn techniques to help you keep the conversation on track during difficult moments.

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The 3 Secrets to Great Meetings

Learn three things you can do immediately to make every meeting more effective, even if you’re not the meeting leader.

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Drive Engagement During Virtual Meetings

Learn to use technology and facilitation activities to deepen engagement and capture thinking.

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“I learned so much from your training and immediately took back some practices that we've incorporated into our staff meetings. I thought you facilitated a expertly!” -- Naomi L, Associate Director, StorahTelling

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