TRANSFORM Your meetings


Workshops and webinars that engage your whole team or organization.

Meetings are more powerful when everyone has the skills to engage effectively.     

Our virtual and in-person trainings provide hands-on experience that will enable your team or entire organization to create productive and enjoyable meetings.

Learn together

Books and articles to increase your shared knowledge.

Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings is not only a comprehensive, action-oriented guide for running worthwhile meetings, it's also a culture transformation tool that builds awareness of the real impact of bad meetings.


Provide a copy to each employee or team member, start a book club, and generate enthusiasm that empowers everyone to help create meetings that build momentum.

A whole book feeling like a little too much? Check our our blog for more bit-sized content. Share articles with your team and plan together how to implement the practices.

Inspire change

Keynote speeches on the importance of meetings and culture.

Meetings are both a driver and lever of culture. How you plan, run, and follow-through on meetings reflects what your organization actually values. It's where values walk the talk. 

Meeteor Founder Mamie Kanfer Stewart is a powerful speaker who can engage any audience, sparking energy to transform meetings and culture. 


Meeting and culture surveys to give you deeper understanding.

Sometimes, before you can change, you need a solid grasp of current reality. 


Our meeting and culture surveys help you identify shared pain points and gaps while establishing a baseline for measuring change efforts.  

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