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personal instruction manual

Learn about yourself and your team

Do you work best in a quiet environment? How do you like to receive feedback?  How do you express stress? And, just as importantly, how do your colleagues?

The Personal Instruction Manual program enables your entire team to learn about themselves and one another while creating shared language and new ways of working that will enhance your collaboration capabilities.

The Process

Create your Personal Instruction Manual by:

  • Identifying your Myers Briggs personality type using the TypeCoach Verifier. Upon completion, you receive a full report for your type along with one year of access to their Type-to-Type tool to support your team's ongoing communication. (A $65 value included)

  • Completing the Personal Instruction Manual 4-part questionnaire on your preferences on a variety of work-related topics.

(Optional) Hold team sessions with a Meeteor coach to:

  • Build awareness of different preferences on your team.

  • Develop norms, processes or ground-rules that accommodate and leverage various personalities and preferences.

(Optional) Get additional individual coaching to help you:

  • Better understand you preferences and how they impact your behavior.

  • Grow your communication, collaboration and/or management skills.


Personal Instruction Manual - $150 per person

  • Includes a personalized Personal Instruction Manual for each participant

  • One year access to the Type-Coach Verifier and Type-to-Type tools (a $65 value per person)

  • 3-page guide for how to self-facilitate a discussion of the results with your team.  

Optional 90 minute Team Sessions - $500 per session​​

  • You decide on the number of sessions. Discounts available when purchasing multiple sessions.

Optional 60 minute Individual Coaching - $350 per session

  • Appropriate for managers and employees. 

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The TypeCoach Verifier Plus is the next EVOLUTION in Personality Type VERIFICATION. In less than 25 minutes, it is now possible to:

  • Become knowledgeable about the four key aspects of Personality Type (through engaging video animations)

  • Make an informed decision about your own Type preferences

  • Complete an interactive multi-step process to ensure you have found your true, best-fit type

  • Receive an 8-page report detailing your type

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