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Designed for Meetings


we encourage the use of meeting apps to help you:  

  • Plan a thoughtful agenda

  • Capture clear, actionable meeting notes

  • Manage all your team and individual tasks

  • Easily reference prior decisions and meeting notes

  • Stay on top of your day

Looking for a meeting app?

The following apps incorporate many of the meeting best practices that Meeteor promotes. If you want to improve your meetings through better agenda planning, note-taking, and follow-through, check out the apps below.

Own your meetings, from agenda to minutes.

Looking for the meeteor software?

​After 4+ years on this journey of helping teams collaborate more effectively and run productive meetings, we’ve learned a lot about how we can best contribute to a team’s success. Though we’ve received much positive feedback and many people love the Meeteor apps, we’ve come to the conclusion that our strength and unique contribution to a world with better meetings is on the human side of change.

As of March 1, 2018, we no longer offer the Meeteor apps.

Read more about our decision here.

How Can we Help You?

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