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Teams are the at the heart of how we work. Investing in your people is one of the best ways to increase results while showing you care.


Whether you’re new to managing a team and want to give your crew a boost, are leading an organization that has experienced growth and want to maintain a strong culture, or are looking build a high performing team, we can help you transform.

Thriving Teams accomplish extraordinary outcomes while enabling human flourishing.

Thriving Teams model

  • Balance: A thriving team balances performance and learning, task and process, results and well-being.

  • Common Purpose and Direction: Members of a thriving team set clear shared goals, work toward them and stay aligned.

  • Shared Accountability and Support: Team members are committed to holding each other accountable for team results. They set high performance standards and support each other.

  • Effective Communication: A thriving team runs productive meetings, establishes transparent information flows, and builds an environment in which different communication styles can thrive.

  • Mutual Trust: Team members respect each other and establish trust by understanding each other’s style and preferences and providing honest feedback.

  • Norms and Processes: A thriving team establishes shared norms and process that support effective teamwork.

  • Change Agility: A thriving team is confident to manage uncertainty and change. Team members recognize change is not easy, but still support each other to adapt, engage and embrace the unknown.

  • Meaningful Engagement: Members of a thriving team feel good about their work, contribute their best and celebrate success together.

What others are saying about the Thriving Teams experience

Thriving Teams has been a fascinating and valuable process for me and my team. The tools have been incredibly helpful. The system is extraordinary -- everything comes to you in doable chunks, you do them and they are complied and synthesized for you. You do your meaning-making around reasonable amounts of material and the short sprints are helpful and not intrusive. It is clear to see where this process has made a positive impact on our team. It has made us more self aware and empathetic towards one another, and provided a space to step back and examine the big picture of our teamwork, beyond the day-to-day. 



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Lisa L.

Chief Advancement Officer


How are you Building a thriving team?

Join the full program or select a Single module

team mission and vision

Create compelling statements that capture why your team exists and what success looks like.

personal instruction manual

Use awareness of personality and preferences to create collaboration practices that leverage and accommodate the diversity of preferences on your team. 

Team values and norms

Develop values statements that capture the essence of this team. Identify daily behaviors or norms to help team members live your values.

the full Thriving Teams Program

Take your teamwork to new heights with the full Thriving Teams program. Join the year-long hybrid coaching and training program for your whole team.

After assessing your current team experience, we'll select topics most important to transforming your team. Topics may include:

  • Team vision, purpose and goals

  • Team values and norms

  • Leveraging our personality and preferences

  • Effective meetings

  • Communication practices

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Managing conflict

  • Managing tasks and accountability

  • And more!

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