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6 Resources on Meetings - the Good, Bad and Ugly

We all know there are lots of problems with meetings. Below are some interesting infographics and articles on how meetings are squandering productivity. (Although they paint a dreary picture, they’re also humorous.) Following those are a few of our favorite resources that provide some tips and guidance to make your meetings more effective.

First, the Bad and the Ugly…

By Emily Pidgeon, originally posted on

We love this infographic that clearly displays the current realities of poor meeting management.

By Ashley Speagle, originally posted on

This fun article describes the various stages of an unproductive meeting. Check out how poor meeting planning can lead to a downward spiral and some serious problems.

By Wendy MacNaughton, originally posted on

We posted a mini process map tackling the same question in our article 5 Practices to Make Every Meeting Matter. This process map takes a different approach. Try it out and look for the hidden humor.

And Now the Good…That Can Help You End Bad Meetings

By Jayson Demers, originally posted on

While a meeting leader owns the bulk of responsibility to ensure his or her meeting is productive, you as a participant can take ownership of your time. This article provides tips for how to take back control of your calendar.

By Amy Gallo, originally posted on

This article looks into the conventional wisdom about effective meetings. According to Paul Axtell and Francesca Gino, leading thinkers in this field, some of it holds true while other aspects need to be applied with care.

By Ruth Hill and the Mind Tools Team, originally posted on

This article outlines in detail steps and tips for running effective meetings. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Are there resource you find helpful for better meeting management? Share with us.


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