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Fall is a Time of Change

As the summer comes to a close, we want to share a few resources that inspired us to reflect on our work practices. We hope you'll find them refreshing too. Whether you prefer reading, listening or watching, we have included something for you.

Creativity vs logic, engineering vs artistry. Which mindset are you in? In this podcast from Note to Self, host Manoush Zomorodi explores how what we do affects how we think on our next task.

Photo Credit: Ariana Tobin/Note to Self

Our takeaway:

Our team table now has LEGOs and playdough available for 5 minute creativity boosters to help stimulate innovative thinking.

After the exposé on Amazon’s cutthroat culture, it was refreshing to watch Margaret Heffernan’s TED talk in which she describes why social capital and relationships among peers is more important than competitiveness and superstars.

Our takeaway:

At Meeteor, we not only have rich lunch conversation everyday but also use a Slack channel #Lunch_Inspiration to continue the discussion and engage our virtual team members too.

Working long hours isn’t always the answer to greater achievement. This article by Travis Bradberry recommends 10 practices to help you increase productivity and quality of life…at the same time.

Our takeaway:

There is a reason the weekend exists. Each of us at Meeteor has committed to integrating one of these practices which we currently don’t do enough of. Numbers 4 and 9 are most popular.

If there are articles, videos, books or podcasts that have inspired you to adopt new work-life practices, please share them in the comments below.


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