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Learnings from the Lean Startup Conference 2015

This week, Meeteor team members Mamie, Dan and Tai participated in the Lean Startup conference along with 2000+ other Lean Startup practitioners in San Francisco, CA. We are excited to share our key takeaways from the conference with you, the Meeteor community.

Lean Startup Method is Not Just for Startups

People often think "Lean Startup" only applies to early stage companies. However, this approach is gaining popularity among larger enterprises like GE, Microsoft, and American Express.  At the conference, we even heard how a government agency in the tech sector, 18F, has successfully adopted the Lean Startup method.

Practitioners with diverse backgrounds traveled from all around the world to attend the conference. They ranged from innovation teams within large enterprises, trying to apply lean thinking to create innovative products, to startup founders looking for inspiration and guidance on how to learn faster from their customers.

Some of Our Favorite Learnings -- Thanks, Twitter!

Change is inevitable. Helping your organization stay relevant is the key.

"The greatest risk for any business today is the pace of change." -@clevergirl #leanstartup conf. — Tai Tsao (@taitsao) November 16, 2015

Introducing New Ways of Working is a Change Management Process

Success Factor 1: Getting leadership support AND commitment

Relentless commitment from senior leaders & proven results from early adopters are the keys to successful org #transformation. #leanstartup — Meeteor (@meeteorHQ) November 17, 2015

Success Factor 2: Identifying internal evangelists (change champions)

Looking for evangelists within your organization and keeping them engaged is how you make the change sustainable-Janice Semper #leanstartup — Tai Tsao (@taitsao) November 17, 2015

Success Factor 3: Helping your leaders navigate change with the right mindset and skills

GE: #leanstartup coaches also trained on change management since they knew working differently would be uncomfortable. — Debbie Schwartz (@scorpi3048) November 17, 2015
Be comfortable with sharing work-in-progress and have conversations to move work forward.- the human side of #leanstartup — Tai Tsao (@taitsao) November 18, 2015

How to Build a Lean Startup Culture

Map your existing business culture to design a "to-be" culture. #LeanStartup @GerberTech — Elizabeth King (@Dallaskings) November 18, 2015

Some Great Reminders

No one trusts a "silver bullet" solution. And #leanstartup isn't the silver bullet - it's a community of DIY'ers experimenting. — cindyalvarez (@cindyalvarez) November 19, 2015
Founders are so tied up in their idea (ego). But being right doesn’t matter in building a company. @gaganbiyani #LeanStartup Conf — The Lean Startup (@leanstartup) November 18, 2015

More Resources

Culture mapping template designed by Alex Osterwalder, founder of

For #leanstartup participants: The Culture Map to download and use — Alex Osterwalder (@AlexOsterwalder) November 18, 2015

Slides from The Leaders' Guide Workshop facilitated by Janice Fraser, Director of Innovation at Pivotal:

My #leanstartupconference slides are up on my personal slideshare and — Janice Fraser (@clevergirl) November 18, 2015

Taking Lean Startup to the Next Step

If Lean Startup is new to you, we recommend you start by exploring the book. If you're already a lean practitioner, check out our previous post in which we shared how smart team communication practices can support the Lean Startup method and instill a Lean "DNA" in your organization’s culture.

Want a more hands-on approach? Consider working with a consulting firm like Moves the Needle that specializes in bringing Lean Startup to enterprises.


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