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The Way We Are: Human Folly in the Office

We all work hard. Sometimes the best medicine to recover from a tough work week is to step back and laugh at ourselves. In this spirit, we share three videos that poke fun at office life. Do you see yourself or your office in any of them?

The Nod's the Thing

While we would never recommend style over substance in meetings, we love Sarah Cooper’s tongue-in-cheek video on nodding strategies for meetings. Check out her seven distinct nods to see how you might use them in your next meeting to look even more engaged. Is that a slow nod followed by a fast nod?  Or a let me think about that nod? Either way, we think you’re super smart.

What Did You Say?

If aliens spent time in the business offices of Planet Earth, we’re not sure they’d understand the language. Sometimes neither do we. Hope you have some wiggle room to see this Tripp and Tyler video and marinate on it. It might even be the silver bullet to start your weekend off right. Now that’s a win. Or a win-win.

Stuck on a Conference Call

Many of us would agree that the traditional conference call needs a makeover or even some full body plastic surgery. For your viewing pleasure, find all the elements of the dysfunctional conference call in this video by Tim and Kris O'Shea: inconsistent audio quality, disengaged and multi-tasking participants, running over schedule, and, of course, a lack of a clear WHY and follow-up steps for the meeting. Does misery love company? Maybe, but let’s not do this kind of misery any longer.

We hope you enjoy these playful and enlightening office videos. As Sarah Cooper writes, it’s “funny because it’s true.” Do you have any ridiculous office stories? Let's all laugh together and then figure out better ways to do office life.


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