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Transform your Meetings with Momentum

In January of 2017, 18 months after we started the Meeteor blog, I, along with my colleague Tai Tsao, Meeteor’s change management and customer success lead, set out to write a book that provides a holistic approach to creating effective meetings and building healthy team culture. After hours and hours of writing, editing, and emailing with our publisher, the book is finally done! Announcing the release of Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings. We wrote this book to provide an action-oriented guide to more productive meetings that enables any reader to put the concepts and approaches to work right from the start.

This article provides an overview of the book, how you can leverage the book to drive change, and how you can be part of the movement to end bad meetings.

Momentum will enable you to change your meeting practices

The book starts with an overview of the problems with meetings: Why are they consistently so bad? What are the real costs of an unhealthy meeting culture? Did you know your meetings may be sabotaging your success? What are the alternatives to having a meeting?

We then go deep into practices, approaches and tools to support you to have more worthwhile meetings. Each chapter explores one concept and how you can use it alone or with your team. Every chapter ends with a quick review and list of actions to help you put your learnings to work.

Meetings are not a one-person activity so we also include a chapter on building buy-in for better meetings and managing the change process with your team or organization. There are also chapters dedicated to technology and the questions we are asked most often.

In addition, we included dozens of examples, templates, checklists and other resources at the end of the book and in a “readers only” section of the Meeteor website. We’ve given you everything we can think of to support your meeting transformation efforts because we are dedicated to your success!

Throughout the book we include stories we’ve heard from hundreds of people like you who have shared their best and worst meeting experiences, academic and industry research, and our own real life experiences.

Use Momentum to build your momentum for better meetings

No matter your role or organization, you have the power (and obligation!) to improve your meetings. Reading Momentum will provide you with language, concepts, techniques and tools to get started. Everyone on your team and in your meetings will benefit from your learning.

Change can be more powerful when done as a group. The release of Momentum is a great opportunity to engage others on the meeting improvement journey. You can:

  • Start a book club with others in your office who want to improve meetings.

  • Give a copy to every member of your team and encourage them to take actions individually and as a group to become better meeting leaders and participants.

  • Give a copy to senior leaders in your organization to raise awareness of the importance of better meetings.

  • Give a copy to everyone in your organization and make better meetings a goal for 2018.

We’ve got additional resources and tools such as guides, checklists, flowcharts, and assessments to support each of these approaches and we’re happy to work with you on your journey toward productive meetings and a healthy culture. Reach out to us at - we want to hear from you!

Share Momentum with others so more people can have better meetings

No one is immune to the perils of bad meetings. Help spread the word so we can build a movement to end unproductive, energy-sucking meetings. Here is what you can do:

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Put an end to wasteful #meetings. Download a free chapter of @mamieks and @taitsao's upcoming book: #Momentum — Meeteor (@meeteorHQ) October 23, 2017
Design and lead more effective meetings with #Momentum by @mamieks & @taitsao Download a free chapter — Meeteor (@meeteorHQ) October 31, 2017

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  • One of my favorite companies @meeteorHQ is on a mission to transform the way we run meetings. Check out their new book #Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings. Download a free chapter and get your copy here:

  • Everyone deserves better meetings. I am reading #Momentum by @taitsao and @mamieks. Join me on a journey to make meetings better! Get a free chapter or buy a copy here:

  • Bad meetings waste time. They often feel like a distraction from real work and are typically the result of poor planning, poor execution, or both. Thankfully, Tai Tsao and Mamie Kanfer Stewart have dedicated their careers to improving meetings and have written this book to enable you to implement practices that will make meetings propel your work forward. Get your copy here:

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It takes a village. Thank you for being part of ours!

We are all responsible for making meetings a worthwhile and enjoyable activity, yet too many people don’t realize that with a little knowledge and skill, they can transform their meeting experience. Thank you for raising a flag for better meetings and being part of the Meeteor community.

We want to hear from you! Please share your stories of how Momentum has helped you improve your meetings or what challenges you’re still struggling with. Reach out to us directly at


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