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Mamie Kanfer Stewart Has This to Say About Meetings

This piece is an enthusiastic promotion of press mentions and other wins of Meeteor CEO and Founder, Mamie Kanfer Stewart. Mamie is shaking things up in the meeting and team collaboration space and breaking boundaries as a woman in tech. So what better way to celebrate this - our 100th blog post - than featuring the person who began Meeteor?

In this Fast Forward webcast, Mamie speaks with Dan Costa, Editor-in-Chief of, about the story behind Meeteor. Why and how did Mamie start Meeteor? What’s her view on the future of meetings? Mamie believes that if approached effectively, meetings have the potential to transform culture for the better. She says, “Company culture is huge and messy and complicated, but meetings are one of the levers you can pull if you want to change” it. Watch the webcast to learn more!

In this podcast, Mamie speaks with host Joelle Goldman on the seemingly universal understanding that many meetings are unproductive and waste time. In fact, Mamie says that,

"Meetings are the single biggest #productivity problem in business today."-- @MamieKS

Mamie also speaks to the untapped potential of effective meetings to get “higher quality work done as a result of that meeting.” Listen to this podcast to find out how!

Over the past few months, Mamie has written original pieces for multiple publications, including:

She’s also quoted on managing life as an entrepreneur in online publications Forbes and Noobpreneur.

Mamie’s upcoming events

You can interact with Mamie as she leads one of these in-person or online events. Join her:

Work with or book Mamie

Want Mamie to coach your team? Check out the Meeteor Thriving Teams program and apply to work directly with Mamie to build your team’s capabilities for powerful collaboration.

Want Mamie to speak on your podcast or at an upcoming event or conference? Send her an inquiry via

Mamie speaks and writes on meetings that achieve results, managing an effective team, and leveraging technology to build effective ways of working. Subscribe to her newsletter here to keep up with her goings on!

Thanks for reading! What questions or comments do you have for Mamie?


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