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Starling is now Meeteor

Many of you have been with us through our journey of discovery. You may recall that when we started this company, we were focused on teams and their ability to work as an organic system. The name Starling was a perfect fit. It embodies concepts of fluid communication, alignment, and nimbleness- all of which remain core to our company values.

The name Meeteor better reflects our vision of helping you have impactful conversations that move you and your team forward. Meeteor relays a sense of momentum and achievement. We strive to help you optimize the time you spend collaborating with your team and seamlessly integrating the outcomes into your daily work. In essence, meteors travel with speed, make a tangible and lasting impact, and are fun to experience. To us, effective meetings have similar qualities in that they push your work forward, have clear results and are enjoyable.

We hope you find this new name as inspiring as we do. Join us in saying goodbye to Starling and hello to Meeteor with this lovely starling bird ballet.


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