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A Company’s Journey to Impactful Meetings with Meeteor

More than 18 months ago, Meeteor launched the very first version of our product. One of our very first customers was RIA in a Box. I had a chance to speak with Will Bressman, their CEO, about his experience with Meeteor.

Some great insights you’ll learn in this interview:

  • How using Meeteor has transformed RIA in a Box’s meeting practice

  • Will’s advice on introducing new meeting practices and tools to the company

Mamie: Hi, Will. Can you tell us who you are and what your role is?

Will: My name is Will Bressman and I’m the CEO of RIA in a Box. My job is to help ensure that our very talented team of 25 employees (and growing) has the plan and resources needed to thrive.

Mamie: So Meeteor is one of the resources you brought to your team. Tell us how you use Meeteor to manage your meetings?

Will: We use Meeteor to track product roadmap discussions, mixing in regular weekly check-ins with longer term vision and materials. It’s been a very helpful way for us to coordinate many team member’s individual involvements, keep track of the strategy and manage related materials.

Mamie: How were you managing meetings before using Meeteor?

Will: We were using outlook invites and relying on everyone to track handwritten notes and send email followups. Not surprisingly, a lot gets lost in the shuffle with that method.

Mamie: Sadly, I hear that a lot when talking with people about their meeting practices. Now that you've been using Meeteor to manage your meetings, what difference has it made?

Will: Meeteor helps us better align the planning, execution and follow-up from meetings. Previously, those were all discrete processes and Meeteor allows for greater continuity in the process.

Mamie: That's exactly how we designed Meeteor - to support the full cycle of meetings. There is an obvious link between planning an agenda and running a meeting. We are trying to strengthen the connection to the third part, follow-through, so that decisions and next steps get implemented and the team's great thinking gets put to good use. So what advice do you have for others who want to use Meeteor to have impactful meetings?

Will: Meeteor works best when all members of the team are engaged in the tool. It’s crucial to take the time to get everyone on board and then the results flow.

Mamie: I agree. We've heard from other early adopters that approaches like collaborative agenda creation and rotating the note-taking role have helped them get each team member invested in following best practice and using the tool. Lastly, tell us a bit about RIA in a Box.

Will: Since 2005, RIA in a Box has been to enable fellow entrepreneurs to create their own registered investment advisory firms and receive the ongoing support they need to remain in constant regulatory compliance. Our company takes pride in partnering with our clients to establish and support the highest quality registered investment adviser (RIA) firms in the country. Our investment adviser compliance programs combine our MyRIAComplianceTM online software along with access to the expertise of former regulators.

Mamie: Thanks, Will, for helping us grow and improve the Meeteor product, and for sharing your experience with us.

Have you introduced new meeting practices to your team? What advice do you have to share with others who would like to start having more impactful meetings?


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