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2016: Meeteor's Year in Review

It’s been a big year for Meeteor! We’ve upgraded our product and marketing sites, expanded our team, and written and published 52 original blog posts.

Before we share all the details, here’s a special one minute message we’ve created just for you. Enjoy!

Company milestones

Here are some of the achievements we’re most proud of:

  • We officially launched Meeteor 1.0 in September! Bye bye, beta version.

  • We also launched a new marketing website featuring Meeteor press, upcoming events, and helpful resources.

  • We expanded into consulting services to ensure teams and organizations successfully adopt effective meeting practices. Our Customer Success Programs include meeting culture assessments, pilot program support, and full-organization implementation of the Meeteor software.

  • Thousands of people around the world have experienced the power of effective meetings with Meeteor.

Product improvements

Learnings from our customers have guided our product development team as they work hard to build an experience that meets your needs. Dan, Phil, and Hoa, and all of our developers, deploy new features every week. Some of the most exciting improvements include:

  • Private workspaces Create private workspaces on Meeteor to organize one-on-one or client meetings. Or, use a private workspace as a personal “brain dump” space.

  • Create meetings and invite others from any page in the web app The global add button makes it easy to create a meeting, invite a colleague, or create a new workspace from wherever you are in the app.

  • Mobile app for iOS Use Meeteor on the go. Create or view upcoming meeting agendas and take meeting notes. Many thanks to our terrific mobile team: Lora, Mateja, Ivana, and Lucija!

  • Powerful integrations Meeteor integrates with the software you’re already using, like Outlook Calendar, Office 365, HipChat, and Slack. Our Google Calendar integration is coming soon. Cheers to our stellar developers, Alek and Botond, for building these integrations!

  • Upgraded onboarding The Meeteor onboarding experience aims to delight. Set up your Meeteor account in a few clicks, easily invite colleagues to collaborate, and check out our 100 second onboarding video for a quick overview of the app.

  • Design upgrades The Meeteor interface got its first major facelift to provide a better user experience across our web and mobile apps. Great work by our frontend developer and designer, Ezequiel!

  • New help site and in-app support We improved the user experience of our help site, which is now accessible right in the Meeteor Web App. Click on any “?” icon to search help articles, book a demo, or contact us. We’re here to help!

And a special thanks to QA Sanja for attending to all the details!

Thought leadership

I’ve been thrilled to speak at conferences and on podcasts and webcasts. Meeteor has also been featured in several news articles.

What we’ve written

We write content about meeting best practices, company culture and team management on the Meeteor Blog and other publications. Thanks to Tai and Dorit for working with me on researching and writing these articles!

  • Over 85% of respondents to our recent blog survey reported that reading the Meeteor Blog led them and/or their teams to take new actions or change their behavior. They say:

The Meeteor Blog has resulted in "better prep for meetings, requesting agenda items from attendees in advance, summarizing the agreements made at the meeting before adjourning, (and) more self-awareness of how to be a better team player." Another reader shares that the blog "makes me reflect more systematically on my organization's style of meeting."

Here are the 5 most popular Meeteor articles by page views:

We published our first White Paper, “The Value of Meetings.” Download it here.

We created dozens of Meeteor Tips to provide quick insights into everyday meeting, productivity, team collaboration, and leadership issues. Check out #MeeteorTip on Twitter for actions you can take to improve your workday!

Our Meeteor astronaut has lots of great tips for you!

Meeteor team

We discuss the benefits and challenges of having virtual team members in some of our blog articles and live what we preach - much of our team works remotely! This year:

  • Our international team members joined us in New York for one week in April!

  • With everyone together, we aligned on company vision and identified our seven core values as a company. They are: Respect, Curiosity, Creativity. Harmony, Strategy, Delight, and Passion.

  • We grew our team to 15 people in 5 countries.

What’s coming in 2017

As we say thank you and goodbye to 2016, we’re excited for what 2017 will bring:

  • New visual design and improved features

  • Seamless mobile and web app experiences

  • Powerful task management

  • More Customer Success Programs

  • More webinars, White Papers, ebooks and toolkits

  • Blog articles and video discussions

  • Mamie and Meeteor will be featured in more podcasts, digital publications, and other media.

And to you, dear reader, a big THANK YOU. Whether you’re using our software, reading our blog, attending our webinars, and/or just generally cheering us on, we’re grateful to you for being part of our journey!

A happy, healthy, prosperous - and effective - new year to us all.

Looking for more meeting and productivity best practices? Find them on our Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages!


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